Rental Property Showcase

Family Disney Villa

In this instance a simple property showcase website was required. This Family Disney Villa is situated in Florida and the owners wanted a basic website that could be easily updated and that would show the property off.

Website Link:

Easy to Update

In the background, this website is powered by WordPress. This makes it extremely easy for anyone to update quickly. WordPress is extremely powerful and the functionality means that a simple step by step process can be followed in order to keep the website updated. Obviously we’re here to help if you want us to do that, or if you need any extra assistance.

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Drone Footage

The owner of this villa also wanted some shots of the property from the sky. We do have a DJI Drone to use so we took our drone to Florida and put together the video on the website too. This is also something that we offer for businesses or property owners. Get in touch if this is something that you’d be interested in. You can see the end result on the website using the link above or below.