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Muckersie's Movements

This Edinburgh based travel blog was created back in 2017. The requirement was to have a good looking website that could work on both desktop and mobile devices. It also had to have the ability to track destinations plus the ability to give away free Travel eBooks. As a travel blog the website had to be easily navigated too.

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Clean Design

This travel blog had to have a clean and fresh look. We worked to make sure that the website could be easily navigated alongside a neutral colour scheme. This made the travel photos pop when users view each post. This has resulted in a website that is robust, easy to maintain and also good on the eyes.

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Social Media Integration

Another key requirement for the Muckersie’s Movements travel blog was the integration of social media. This allowed each post to be shared very easily by users but it also allowed automated Instagram and YouTube functionality.

You’ll be able to see the automated Instagram carousel at the bottom of the image on the right. This is updated seamlessly with no ongoing maintenance.